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NORA LUSE, Competition Director

About Us

Riga International Competition for Young Pianists was founded by Nora Luse in 2012.

The competition is dedicated to promoting the riches of folk tunes, classical ballet and opera music in academic piano genres Solo and Four Hands. The competition is open to young pianists from every country and of all nationalities up to the age of 21 year inclusive on the day of the competition.

The competition is a public event.

Nora Luse started studying piano in Riga, Latvia. From 1974 she studied at Moscow State Conservatoire.

In 1980 Nora Luse became a laureate of the Viotti International Piano Competition in Vercelli (Italy) and completed her piano and musicology courses. In 1981 Nora Luse was appointed as a piano teacher at Jazeps Vitols Latvian Academy of Music. Along with her pedagogical activity in Riga, she enjoyed a successful career as a performer by company "Sojuzkoncert" until 1991 and made recordings for Latvia Radio solo and ensemble with violist Andra Arnicane.

In 1985 she obtained the Doctor of Arts degree and published monograph "History of Organ Art in Latvia" (in Russian). In 2003 she obtained the Doctor of Pedagogy degree and published the second monograph "Latvian Pianists-Pedagogues" (in Latvian). Her research interests integrate musicology and pedagogy. Since 2007 Nora Luse is a member of Latvian Composers Union, and associated professor at Riga University College of Economics and Culture (2010-2016).

Nora Luse created an international music event Janis Norvilis International Competition for Young Pianists (2011) for bringing people together and sharing young pianists extraordinary gifts. In 2012 she created the Riga International Competition for Young Pianists and its Ethno-Didactical Conception for allowing young pianist to communicate through the language of music. Nowadays the combination of international competition in Riga with music teacher seminar is considering as innovative two-staged synchronous educational entity.

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